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The Oval on Ohio State's campus.

The National East Asian Languages Resource Center at The Ohio State University is constantly striving to improve the pedagogical research and teaching methods available to program-builders and educators nationwide. Through research on pedagogy, NEALRC hopes to provide a more valuable teaching and learning experience for educators and students who study East Asian languages.
NEALRC has published twelve volumes in Pathways to Advanced Skills, a series dedicated to the teaching of less commonly taught languages. The goal of Pathways is to offer program builders and teachers conceptual and pedagogical resources for advancing their teaching and program-building missions.
NEALRC is also implementing new online resources through Individualized/Distance Online Course Support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language courses. These resources include orientations, workstations for face-to-face video interviews, virtual language labs, workbooks, study agendas, course management system, and record keeping system.

Photos of East Asia