Teaching and Learning Korean as a Foreign Language

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Pathways to Advanced Skills Series, vol. 13
isbn: 978-0-87415-373-6

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Korean as a Foreign Language (KFL) in U.S. college settings began on a small scale. Despite experiencing huge growth in recent years, KFL pedagogy is still in its beginning stages.  KFL research monographs and/or edited volumes are relatively few, as compared to mainstream second/foreign language (L2) field. The NEALRC published this volume as a timely addition to the growing KFL field. 

This volume, edited by Andrew Byon and Danielle Pyun, contains eleven original studies that explore various pedagogical issues in KFL . This book aims to facilitate the dialogue between the existing instructional L2 acquisition theories and their applicability/practicality when implemented in actual KFL classroom settings. This book will be of particular interest to graduate students, language teachers, curriculum developers, and researchers in the fields of KFL as well as applied linguistics.

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