Teacher training videos

Professors Chuanren Ke and Mari Noda are producing video tapes to meet the needs of teacher trainings. Ke will focus on task-based classroom instruction in Chinese and Noda will focus on performance-based classroom instruction in Japanese. The NEALRC will publish these with explanatory print volumes that associate the videotaped actions with their respective methodologies and with bilingual sound tracks to assure that all teacher trainees can understand what is being demonstrated. Noda’s videotape will be produced in cooperation with the National Institute of Multimedia Education in Japan.

The following are sample video clips demonstraing the Performed Culture approach in teaching Chinese as a second language:

Performed Culture Approach 教师培训(2012夏季)

(04:38) How to start from the beginning 如何上好第一堂课

(02:36) Contextualization & Elicitation 情境设置及演练重点的引出

(04:49) Conducting a FACT Class 如何上好解释课

(01:15) Pronunciation Drilling 发音操练

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