Songs of Thorns and Flowers Vol. 2

There Remain Words to say bookcover.We are pleased to announce the release of the second volume of Songs of Thorns and Flowers: Bilingual Performance and Discourse on Modern Korean Poetry Series (2010- ), a pedagogical approach to modern Korean poetry for college-level studies of Korean language and literature.

Volume Two, There Remain Words to Say, features 35 translated poems of the 2010 Ku Sang Poet Laureate Yoo An-Jin. Reading poetry exposes the learner to the art of performativity in Korean language and culture. To make visible the rhetorical and semantic transfer from Korean to English, the original and the translated poems are laid side by side. Not only will learners of Korean benefit from the book but also Korean learners of English can observe how the nuances of poetry and language get translated from Korean to English. In order to give readers a stronger appreciation of the poet’s expressiveness, a section entitled “Replace with the poet’s words in Korean” is provided for most of the poems. Under the section “Discuss,” suggestions are given to stimulate discussion and further exploration. Historical explanations and annotations on language use are provided where appropriate. The included companion CD features video interviews with the poet and audio recitations.

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