SPEAC 2010 Comes to a Close


SPEAC Teacher Training Participants

SPEAC 2010 successfully came to a close on August 20, 2010, on the OSU campus. The 30 teacher trainees worked very hard throughout this intensive summer course and have shown great improvement in terms of pedagogical methods. This summer program was led by Professor Mari Noda and assisted by Dr. Masauki Itomitsu, and Steve Knicely. Nearly 60 intensive language participants were taught by master teachers and their teaching was observed by the teacher trainees, who also got hands-on experiences in teaching. The conclusion of SPEAC 2010 was marked by the traditional “Interpretation Shootout” where students of Chinese and Japanese compete to translate to and from their respective languages to demonstrate their achievements in mastering the language and understanding its culture.  The teacher trainees will go to various schools and institutions to teach Chinese or Japanese after graduating from this intensive summer program.

As SPEAC 2010 comes to a close, the preparations for SPEAC 2011 are just beginning! For information on joining SPEAC 2011, please see the Official SPEAC Website


SPEAC (Summer Programs East Asian Concentration), is offered by the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures (DEALL), The Ohio State University, in collaboration with the OSU National East Asian Languages Resource Center (NEALRC) and OSU East Asian Studies Center (EASC).

Photos of East Asia