Online Chinese Computerized Adapted Listening Comprehension Test


The online Chinese Computerized Adaptive Listening-Comprehension Test (CCALT) is in field test. With funding from the Ohio State NEALRC and the University of Iowa’s Graduate School, Dr. Ke and his team made CCALT available on CD two years ago. We have now developed an online version from the CD version with modifications.CCALT has more than 300 audio-, video-, and photo-based items that cover nine levels of proficiency from novice to superior and a functioning prototype interface. This program gives a rating to the learner and delivers testing data to the instructor.This program welcomes instructors and institutes for testing and feedback.  Contact Minru Li at 614-688-3080 by phone or at by email.


Director(s): Chuanren Ke

Deliverables: online CCALT