Chinese: Communicating in the Culture (ChineseC3)


Chinese: Communicating in the Culture(ChineseC3) is a program designed to permit learners with no previous experience in Chinese  to communicate in cultural contexts.  It is suitable for high school and college age learners. As a learner-friendly program, it includes performance textbooks, audio programs, and an interactive multimedia program presented by numerous audio and video clips, illustrations, and vocabulary games and exercises. Students will learn to perform roles in conversations and to practice spoken expressions and cultural moves in realistic communication events. It consists of four volumes of performance textbooks (Units 0 to 5, 60 lessons) and a comprehensive set of interactive multimedia materials.

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ChineseC3 multimedia materials can be downloaded from here (need password for unzipping):

Windows Version:


  1. Download the zip file;
  2. Unzip the file;
  3. Open the folder and double click the ChineseC3.exe file to start the program.


This program requires Apple QuickTime Player (version 6.0.2 and above), and Adobe Flash Player (version 6 and above). If you don’t have them installed, go to their website and do so.

Mac Version:


  1. Download the ChineseC3.dmg file; 
  2. Double click the ChineseC3.dmg and enter the password;
  3. Drag the ChineseC3 to the Applications folder;
    Drag the ChineseC3 folder to Applications folder
  4. Open the ChineseC3 folder in the Applications folder and double click the Run to start the program.


  1. When the ChineseC3 app opens for the first time, it may take several minutes to setup the environment.
  2. The ChineseC3 app needs the control permisson of micphone for recording.

If you have any questions of using the program, please contact

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