Chinese Out of the Box


Chinese Out of the Box cover.

Chinese Out of the Box (watch a video about it) is a complete set of materials for developing the foundation skills for Mandarin Chinese for children who have not been previously exposed to the language. Its basic assumption is that children aged 5-10 are a valuable language learning resource: they are ready to learn in a classroom setting and they are able to develop accurate listening and pronunciation skills. After several hours of active contact with the language, children of this age have developed better pronunciation than college students with several months of study.

Chinese Out of the Box is an instructional kit that gives the teacher a complete range of tools for exposing the children to Mandarin, engaging them in Mandarin activities, and leading them to perform in Mandarin using culturally appropriate behaviors.

By the end of the course, the children will be able to answer questions about themselves, discuss food, and identify common objects in their environments and imaginations—and sound really good doing it!

For more information, please visit: http://chineseoutofthebox.nealrc.org/.

For Inquiries or to order, please visit: https://flpubs.osu.edu/store/chinese-out-box.

CLASS Professional Standards for K-12 Chinese Language Teachers


CLASS Professional Standards book cover.

CLASS Professional Standards [pdf] is the outcome of a collaborative project entitled “CLASS ACT: Articulation Collaboration for Teachers,” jointly sponsored by CLASS and the National East Asian Languages Resource Center (NEALRC) at The Ohio State University.

This document describes the knowledge, skills, and teacher dispositions that beginning teachers should possess to meet expectations for quality instruction in the Chinese language and culture. The standards were developed to facilitate the introduction of beginning Chinese language teachers into their professional roles and responsibilities by providing a new prospect of the scope and complexity of the teaching profession.

It is a resource for Chinese teachers, foreign language specialists, school administrators, parents, and policy makers who recognize the importance of Chinese cultures taught by professional teachers of Chinese. The release of the book also marks the celebration of the Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools (CLASS) 20th anniversary.

The Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools




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To serve as a national nonpolitical and nonprofit professional Association of all persons interested in teaching Chinese language and cultural at Chinese at pre-collegiate levels of American schools.


  • To actively promote the learning and teaching of Chinese in secondary and elementary schools in the United States.
  • To encourage effective articulation among Chinese Language educators across the divides of elementary, secondary, and college level instruction.
  • To provide a national network for the exchange of information, ideas and curricular resources related to the teaching of Chinese language and culture in the United States.

Questions about CLASS in general can be sent to: llee@ets.org.
Visit the Class K12 website.

K-12 Chinese Flagship Program

K-12 Chinese Flagship Program is a part of the National Chinese Flagship Program at OSU. The program goal is to build the infrastructure for Ohio schools to establish successful language programs leading to solid communication skills in Mandarin Chinese. The program is developing partnerships in Ohio and beyond to achieve objectives that include the following:

  • Developing performance-based curriculum;
  • Providing teacher training and ongoing professional development; and
  • Creating a technology support system with effective Chinese language programs.

The K-12 Chinese Flagship Program is interested in supporting any school in Ohio that is offering or plans to offer Chinese language. We are building partnerships with selected schools in the 2007-08 school year to create pilot programs in Ohio, and then expanding to more schools in the following years. 

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