Materials Development


NEALRC focuses on developing multi-media based learning materials that provide the autonomous learner with guided access to Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages. The projects in this category currently are:

  1. Advanced Mandarin Chinese
    Introduction to Chuncao (Spring Grass), an advanced Chinese course.
  2. At Home in Japan
    Web-based tutorial that gives a basic orientation to Japanese culture and society.
  3. Beginning and Intermediate Chinese
    Introduction to Chinese: Living in the Culture.
  4. East Asian Audio Books
    Audio-visual materials accompanying in-house published books about East Asian languages, literatures and cultures.
  5. Intermediate and Advanced Japanese
    Based on the content of Japanese: the Spoken Language, volumes 2 and 3.
  6. K12 Chinese
    Introduction to the Chinese Out of the Box teaching kit.
  7. Orient Yourself
    Online Catalog of Study Abroad Opportunities for Students of East Asian Languages.
  8. Pathways to Korean
    Beginning-level materials for students with no previous exposure to the Korean language.
  9. Readers' Tool
    A collection of online ebooks with accompanying audio and a concordance function.
  10. NihonGO NOW! Performing Japanese Culture
    A beginning-level courseware package that takes a performed-culture approach to learning Japanese.