Advanced Mandarin Chinese


Spring Grass: Advanced Chinese Course Kit

Spring Grass (《春草》 Chuncao) is a complete multimedia suite of performance oriented materials presenting language and culture at advanced levels. By using media written by and for Chinese speakers, providing lists of target linguistic items without definitions or translations, and requiring students to write and discuss topics of interest to native speakers, the Spring Grass trains learners to continue learning Chinese after they leave the tolerant supervision of their language teachers.

It consists of: 1) the original novel, 2) online e-book with audio, 3) TV drama adaptation with synchronized script, 4) lesson plans, 5) demo teaching videos, and other supplement materials.

Please visit the website here. You could also view the introductory video on Youku or Youtube.


Perform Suzhou: A Course in Intermediate to Advanced Spoken Mandarin (1st course in Perform Series)

Perform Suzhou (体演苏州), the first in the Perform Series, is a self-manageable intensive course designed to help Chinese language learners raise their level of sophistication in interacting with the local people while staying and studying in Suzhou. Communication strategies developed through this course will be generally applicable to other cities in China.

Purchase the book from Foreign Language Publications and visit the accompanying audio site here.


Understanding the Locals

Based on the video, print, and audio content of Professor Wang’s Understanding the Locals, Wang will produce CD-ROM disks that exercise students over the content of China Central Television’s Straight Talk. These materials focus on advanced listening, reading, narration, and composition.

Director(s): Galal Walker, Jianqi Wang

Deliverables: Website, textbook, DVD & CD-ROM