Summer Programs: East Asian Concentration (SPEAC)


SPEAC is a summer institute that combines intensive language training with intensive teacher training: two interwoven programs: a) Teacher Training: The Summer Program, East Asian Concentration (SPEAC) teacher training program runs parallel to intensive language programs, also offered through SPEAC. The main characteristic of SPEAC teacher training is the introduction to pedagogical and second language acquisition research combined with practical content and immediate implementation. This Insitute offers fifteen graduate credit hours of instruction in a seven-week program. Teacher trainees take courses in theory, materials analysis, and classroom management while working with beginning- and advanced-level students of the language as observers and tutors. They also do classroom teaching as part of a closely supervised practicum. The SPEAC Teacher Training Institute is designed to provide solid instruction in language pedagogy for graduate students planning to become language teachers, in-service teachers needing additional courses, and teams of teachers working on special projects. b) Intensive language programs: The SPEAC language programs were initiated in 1994 and consist of ten-week-long, intensive, language immersion summer courses for students and teachers. Since SPEAC’s language and teacher training programs are simultaneous, the language students have access to tutors and are immersed in a community of native and near-native speakers of the language. Classes meet for up to five hours each day for ten weeks, and each SPEAC summer course is the equivalent of three regular courses (e.g., 101, 102, 103).

URL: Summer Programs: East Asian Concentration (SPEAC)

Director(s): Mari Noda

Addtional Staff: Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures (DEALL)

Deliverables: Teacher training institutes. Intensive language training in Chinese and Japanese