TCLT6 Call for Papers


The TCLT6 conference was held in 2010.

Conference Main Themes

Integration of technology into day-to-day instruction/Virtual classroom

Conference Languages

Chinese and English

Abstract or proposal and paper submission

*Please note that the deadline for non-U.S. participants (e.g., Europe, Asia, etc.) to submit papers/presentations is 1/31/2010.

Submit a half-page abstract or a proposal (no more than 100 words) along with your full-length paper for a 20-minute presentation.  If you submit an abstract or proposal only, please be aware that your full-length paper will be due shortly after your abstract or proposal is accepted.

Topics related but not limited to

  • Integration of technology into day-to-day instruction: listening, speaking, reading, and writing
  • Importance, usage, assessment, device, curriculum design, and development
  • Virtual classroom
  • Blended courses: classroom and virtual learning
  • Web 2.0-based learning system
  • Mobile Chinese teaching
  • Distance learning: assessment and development
  • Language testing on Internet
  • Digital instructional material development
  • Multimedia instruction and second language acquisition
  • Issues in CALL study
  • New technology and its application to teaching Chinese as a second language
  • Other related topics on technology-based Chinese language teaching