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2017 Hagerty Hall Chinese New Year Celebration

February 2, 2017
Lanterns in Hagerty

On Monday, Jan 30, 2017, we celebrated the Chinese New Year again in Hagerty Hall with lots of traditional food & game, calligraphy, and performances. It was a fun and successful event!

Remembering a visit by John and Annie Glenn

December 12, 2016
John & Annie Glenn

We bring back one of our favorite memories in commemoration of John Glenn: Pilot, warrior, veteran, astronaut, CEO, senator, educator, and citizen of the USA and the world.

ICS Lecture: Maps that Turn History Upside Down

October 7, 2016
Maps that Turn History Upside Down

How Maps Turn World History Upside Down

- A Critical Analysis of World Maps and 600 Years of World Exploration

Dr. Siu-Leung Lee
Friday, October 7, 2016
4:00-5:30 PM
Page Hall, 1810 College Road.

Dr. Galal Walker spoke at Berea College

September 30, 2016
Walker gave lecture at Berea

Dr Galal Walker gave a lecture titled Wisdom Traditions and Their Texts, East and West, Then and Now at Berea College near Lexington, KY. In this talk, Dr. Walker discussed how culture is a conceptual construct that is incrementally built up in a lifetime.

NCLCC’s Forum at the NCACLS Annual Conference

September 2, 2016
NCLCC’s Forum at the NCACLS Annual Conference

The National Chinese Language and Culture Coalition (NCLCC) held a forum entitled “NCLCC’s Missions and Roles in Chinese Education in America” at the National Council of Associations of Chinese Language Schools annual conference in DC on August 13, 2016.